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Th search stop smoking walk-in centres all directories carotid endarterectomy - alternatives  share: save: print this page overview carotidendarterectomy real stories carotidendarterectomy clinical trials carotidendarterectomy carotid endarterectomy carotidendarterectomy why it is necessary carotidendarterectomy preparations carotidendarterectomy how it is performed carotidendarterectomy recovery carotidendarterectomy risks carotidendarterectomy alternatives alternatives to carotid endarterectomy  a carotid endarterectomy is theâ main treatment for narrowing of the carotid arteries because it isâ very effective. viagra 10 mg bula â however, there is also an alternative procedure called carotid artery stent placement, or "stenting". how does viagra pill look like â  carotid artery stent placement carotid artery stent placement is less invasive than a carotid endarterectomy becauseâ it does not involve an incision being madeâ in the neck. Stenting is carried out underâ local anaesthetic and involvesâ a narrow, flexible tube called a catheter being inserted into the femoral artery in your groin. http://buycialisonlinefastestshipping.com It is thenâ threaded up into the carotid artery usingâ x-ray technology to guide it into place. how does viagra pill look like At the end of the catheter there is a small balloon which is inflated to around 5mm at the site of the narrowed artery. can you buy viagra at a pharmacy A small mesh cylinder called a stent willâ then be inserted into the artery. cialis online The balloon will be deflated and removed, leaving the stent in placeâ toâ keep the artery openâ and allowâ blood to flow through it. cialis low dose After the procedure, you will need to lie flat and keep still for about an hour to prevent any bleeding from the artery. how much is cialis You will also need to stay in hospital overnight and will be able to return home the next day. cialis canada Like carotid endarterectomy, there are some risks associated with stenting. buy cialis The risk of having another stroke (6%) or dying (1%) are the same for both procedures. viagra performance anxiety yahoo As with carotid endarterectomy, stenting will therefore only be recommended if you have severe stenosis. how does viagra pill look like The national institute for health and clinical excellence (nice)â has confirmed thatâ stenting is a safe procedure and hasâ good sh. viagra viagra same day To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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